Motus in verbo : collectanea disputationum doctorandorum quodlibetalium


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Faculty of Arts of Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica is a pedagogical and scientific institution which covers a wide spectrum of studies. That is the main reason for our decision to publish an electronic journal that will support our students as well as those at other faculties with the same orientation. Our goal is to create a platform for publishing the papers of the young scientific generation that will be recognized first in Slovakia and later on abroad. Our journal is to be modern and include knowledge and information from humanities and sport studies. Its purpose is to inform professionals and the public at large about research results obtained by the young scientific generation.

Our “Journal” is entitled “Motus in verbo” (Motion in a Word). That symbolic title links physical and mental development transformed into scientific output and implies professional dynamics and progress. The Journal includes original theoretical studies, theoretical and empirical studies, research results and their implementation into practice as well as reviews of monographs. Published papers cover the fields of ethics, ethnology, philosophy, history, culturology, linguistics, literary science, translatology, sport studies and didactics. The two basic sections of the Journal are Studies and Varia.

The opportunity to publish in the Journal is offered to all students, doctoral students, postdoctoral scholars, scientists/researchers and specialists in scientific, educational and cultural institutions (no more than five years after PhD.) whose topics match our Journal’s thematic focus and follow our Journal‘s By-laws and the structure of its appendices. The studies sections are divided into the following sub-sections: Ethics, Ethnology, Philosophy, Historical Science, Cultural Studies, Linguistics, Literary Science, Didactics, Translatology, Sport Studies.

Deadline is always February 15th for the first issue of the year and  September 15th for the second issue. All other information and instructions are included in the Appendix.

Journal is indexed in: EBSCO (Academic Search UltimateAcademic Search Complete), ERIHPLUS, OAJIIndex CopernicusCEJSH.